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Brownbear's Instant Matchless Fire
by Brownbear

Build a fire without matches or a lighter so you wont freeze to death or attract predators in the wild.

What you will need :
a live battery (Most batteries will work but 9 volt batteries are the easiest)
a brillo soap pad or other steel wool (the finer the steel wool, the better)
a handful of anything that will light like dry grass or toilet paper
a pile of pine cones and sticks to build up the fire

[1] shred some steel wool on one end
[2] rub battery across steel wool several times ( you'll get the hint, it heats up to an amber )
[3] blow on steel wool to get it going
[4] put paper or grass on top and there you go - instant fire
[5] build the up the fire

0ne time i went camping w/friends and the guy who had a lighter fell in the river and lost it, so i had to use this idea. Boy did i save the night.

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