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Make Your Own Weather Forecasting Tools!
Wind Pointer Guest Essay
Build a Rain Gauge

Offsite Info
Rain Gauge

Windsock Weather Vane
Guest Essay
Build a Barometer

Offsite Info

Anemometer Hygrometer Thermometer

Guest Essay: "How to Interpret the Language of Thunder and Lightning"
Guest Essay: "Cloud Formations and What They Mean"

Guest Essay: "Important Tips for Winter Camping Shelter"
Guest Essay: "How to Calculate Wind Speed "
Wind Chill Chart Cloud Quiz

For Weather Forecast Enter"City, State",or Zipcode:

Guest Essay Camping Safety Tips: Part 1 – Food, Water, Ticks
Guest Essay Camping Safety Tips: Part 2 – Camp Fires, Wild Animals, Dangerous Activities
Guest Essay Campfire Safety Tips
Guest Essay Make Grilled Cheese on a Stick

Primitive Skills from
all over the world
Primitive Ways
how to make it
and how to use it.

Traditional Stone Boiling

How to Build a Longhouse

Tipi Making

Guest Essay and Video
Build an Igloo

offsite info
How to Build an Igloo

Make a
Traditional Willow Bed

Guest Essay
How to Start a Fire With a Bow Drill

Offsite Info
Bowdrill Fire Making

Look up Latitude and Longitude by Zip Code Here

and use them to

Find Free Campsites Here

Guest Essay: Janette Butt’s Camp Recipes
Guest Essay: Camping Tips for Families
Guest Essay: Camping - 3 Reasons To Start In Your Own Backyard
Guest Essay: Tips For Choosing A Camping Spot
Guest Essay: Quick Camping Checklist
Get a Free Spider Identification Chart to take with you
Guest Essay: Camping with Mosquitoes-How to Avoid your Itchy Friends

Campgrounds and RV Parks
with Free Wi-Fi
high-speed internet acess
by the state
Guest Essay
Camping With Man's Best Friend

Offsite Info
Camping With Your Dog

Don't Fear the Forest

five species of rash-inducing plants
Wolf Country Learning Vacations
one-of-a-kind wolf experiences

at reasonable prices

Make Your Own Camping Equipment!
Solar Cooking
Instructions and recipes
for a Solar Still, Sun Tea
and a Solar Cooker
Make a
Solar Pasturizer
and Water Heater

from recyclable materials
Solar Oven
Heat Retention Cooking
information, instructions
and recipes
Make Your Own
Outdoor Gear

shelter, backpacks,
sleepingbags, outerwear
equipment and more!
The Tire Cooker
instructions and explanation
Home Made Gear
hammocks, accessories,
water bag,backpack,
and more!
Make Your Own
Ground Seat/Sit Upon

Make Your Own
Mosquito Repellent

guest essay
Make a Camping Stove out of a Large Can
guest essay
How to Make a Simple Solar Water Heater

Survival Skills
Guest Essay: Outdoor Survival Tips - Ten Uncommon Ones Finding Water and Making it Potable Sargeant Safari Survival Quiz
Wilderness Survival Quiz Guest Essay: "A Good Shelter: Debris Shelter Instructions " Guest Essay: "Tips On Surviving Blizzards"
Fire - Site Selection and Preparation How To Build A Fire How To Light A Fire
Guest Essay: "Creating a Signal for Survival" Guest Essay: "How to Tell How Much Time is Left Before Sunset" Make Your Own Compass
Brownbear's Instant Matchless Fire

How To Survive in a Hotel Room
Howcast video from Paul O'connor

How To Split Wood Using
An Axe Or A Knife
How To Tell Directions Without a Compass

How To Roast the Ultimate Marshmallow

Use A Condom To Make A Fire! - Click here for more blooper videos

How to Make Fire from Ice
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New Native Nation’s

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