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Fish Bait on the Cheap!
By: jeff ryall
Description :
How would you like to know how to get your fishing bait on the cheap, from the local supermarket?
You can occasionally find some gems tucked away on a shelf at your local supermarket. By the
time it gets to late summer most fish would have had enough of the ordinary bait so what if you could
go round your local Morrisons or Sainsburys armed with £10, could you find an alternative. Fishing
at ponds in particular and with tench and carp on my mind here are some alternatives that I
think would work.

First I came to chickpeas. Dried chickpeas used to be very fashionable carp bait, but now they no
longer feature and at 69p they looked a bargain. This time though I was going to go overboard and
buy a bottle of oyster sauce. Soak the peas over night, then let them simmer for about an hour, then
soak them in the oyster sauce for a day. This makes the peas go a darker colour when soaked.

Next came the baked beans in tomato sauce. Try to find a brand with a high salt content. Forget
the healthy choice, fish like their food salty, so I would buy a bag of salt as well and sprinkle on
the beans.

Salted peanuts were next on the isle, cashew nuts are also good for carp bait but as I was looking
for cheap bait I went with the salted peanuts. Soak the peanuts in salty water for two days, then
simmer for about 30 minutes. Attach a couple of whole nuts to your hook, with a mesh bag
containing crushed nuts should do the trick.

Tuna flakes in oil.
Tuna flakes in oil as apposed to brine is best as this is good to make a ground from.
This works well for bream so I do not see any reason for not trying it for carp and tench.

Sweet corn.
Sweet corn is just as good for fish as it is for us. Sometimes the bright colours can put the fish off
so its always a good idea to have a tin of black cake die. Put a teaspoon of die into the sweet corn
and stir in well. Leave over night to soak, This should change the colour and will not scare off
the fish.

Dog Chews and Dog Food.
Everyone knows how good dog chews and dog food can be. Frolic is very good for barbell, its
very tough so it will stay on the hook when casting. A packet of bacon flavoured dog chews are
also a good thing to have in tour bait tin, they can be cut up into small pieces to look like pellets.

Last thing on my list is a tin of dog food, a chicken flavoured large sausage. This could be
flavoured up with some spicy curry powder for extra zing.

Well thats it for now, time to put this lot to the test, good luck.

Article Source : Jeff Ryall runs a sports website that focuses on information about sport and
sport related products. You can enjoy reading tips, tricks and techniques about golf at his site at

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