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Trooper09's Frybread Recipe
Posted by Lori

photo by Gunchick/Hawk

3 pkgs of fast rising Yeast
1 Tablespoon of Sugar per pkg of Yeast
Hot Boiling Water
Aout 4 cups of Flour
Pinch of Salt or little more
1/4 to 1/2 cup of Sugar - measure in your hand - 2 hands, if you have big hands - one handful
Put Yeast in separate bowl - add sugar - Mix Well - Add Hot Water - put in warm place until Yeast Foams - about 2 hours
Let Yeast foam to top of mixing bowl
In mixing bowl - add Flour - Salt - Sugar - mix together - Create Hole in Middle OF Dry Commodities In the Hole of dry ingredients - add foamy Yeast mixture - Mix all together - beat up the Dough - and CUSS alot - If you dont Cuss - DOUGH WILL NOT RISE - think of someone that made you mad recently and talk about what you would like to do to them - THIS HELPS THE DOUGH RISE
Put Dough in very warm place like on top of stove with oven on very low. Let Dough rise - about 1 hour
- than Beat the Dough again - and REMEMBER to CUSS AGAIN - or else the Dough will not rise.
Beat The Dough Up - Like U really mean to hurt someone (sorry about the person you are beating up)
Put the Dough again in warm place adn let it rise again so Dough rises - THREE TIMES the original size of the Dough
- (if this doesn't work - add a can of BEER to Dough - Beer had yeast - and activates the yeast in the Dough - so if your elevation is really high - U have to add the Beer
After this process take dough out and divide it up in four parts - Roll each part out about 1/2 inch on flour - REMEMBER u are making Bread - so put Flour down on surface where u are Rolling out the Dough
After Dough is workable and with flour - cut dough into TRIANGLES - VERY IMPORTANT - TRIANGLES - because the way Triangles cook.
Heat Oil in large skillet - about 3/4 in or more make Oil REAL HOT - I mean HOT not SMOKING but HOT. oh..... I forgot make a hole in each Triangle of Fry Bread - this helps it cook faster and more even.
Put Dough into Hot Oil - Cook until each piece turns golden brown - check with fork - this bread will grow and expand while cooking. Turn Bread over ****ONLY ONCE**** or bread will FALL.. Cook until GOLDEN BROWN.

Spudmama's Recycled Doggy Stew
(*Spudmama is not responsible for anything unpleasant resulting from the use of this recipe.)

Remove all leftovers that have not yet turned into science projects from refrigerater and combine in large pot.
Add all kitchen and table scraps, chopped fine, and all eggshells, crushed.
(Bones may be whole if from beef or pork. Leave out macadamia nuts, chocolate or onions.)
Add 1/2 cup powdered milk and 1 cup rice and 1/2 cup oatmeal (mealy bugs may be included).
Add 2 1/2 cups water and cook on medium heat until most germs and any other intruding lifeforms have been killed.
Cool and feed warm but not hot to dogs, chickens or starving cats.
If none of them will eat it, bury it in your garden.
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