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(New Native Nation defines Native Technology as
primitive and modern technology originating with Native America.)

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Art by BrownBearArt by Sandy Art by BezhiigMaiingan Art by Uber_Weasle
Art by Thunderheart
and Family
Art by Cindian Art by Gun Chick ART BY

free online ebook

Georg J. Barth, Native American Beadwork

(written by a very nice man who has devoted his life and savings to studying and learning beadwork directly from native american artists)
How to do Brickstitch

Guest Essay
Lazy Stitch Beadwork

Wire Weave Beadwork
instructions for one of the
oldest methods of beading
By Shelley Garrett Smith
Free Graph Paper for Beading Designs etc.
Downloadable PDFs

Make a Cigar Box Loom
by Sandy

Spudmama's Opinionated Guide to Seed Bead / Needle / Thread Sizes

More Free Graph Paper, for Peyote and Brick Stitch Beadwork

Free Beadwork Designing Software

More Free Beading Software

Porcupine Quillwork

Make Daisy and Leaf Beadwork

How To Make A Beaded Bracelet On A Cardboard Box Loom - More amazing video clips are a click away
Free Beadwork Patterns

Basic Peyote: Flat Stitch
YouTube video from: mkamal76
Even Count Peyote Tube Bead
YouTube video from: AuntiesBeads
Sara Does Peyote Stitch Around a Pen
YouTube videos from: RunningBuffalo
Leather 3-strand Mystery Braiding
Woodlands Style Moccasin Instructions with Downloadable pdf Pattern
Leather Buckle Belt Construction
How to Make a Spider Pouch By Shelley Garrett Smith
How to Make a Quality Hand Drum
Side Fold Moccasin-making
Average Hide Sizes Hide and Skin Terminology Free or Cheap Hides Leather Types, Forms, Processes, etc Guest Essay Tan a Hide
Natural Pigments
Earth and Mineral Pigments
Mineral Colors Primer (downloadable pdf)
Herbs to Dye For
plants Native Americans used for dye

Dyeing with Prickly Pear
in the Native American tradition

Herb and Plant Dye
American Indian Use of Plants and Herbs for Dye

Birch Dye

Natural Dyes

Walnut Dye

Make a Hare Pipe Choker
guest essay

Hare Pipe Hair Tie Instructions
Make Your Dream Catcher
Guest Essay

Offsite Info
How to Make the Infamous Dream Catcher

Guest Essay
Making a Southern Women's Breastplate

Guest Essay
Make a Ribbon Shirt
Guest Essay
How To Do Traditional Two Ribbon Binding
Traditional Ribbon Work
with Potawatomi,
Miami and
Chippewa (Ojibwa) examples.
Traditional Ribbon Work
in Plains,
Osage and
Guest Essay
Northern Plains Cloth Dress

Offsite Info
Trade Wool Dresses

Two-Hide Dress

Primitive Skills from
all over the world
Primitive Ways
how to make it
and how to use it.
Guest Essay
How to Start a Fire With a Bow Drill

Offsite Info
Bowdrill Fire Making

How to Build an Igloo
How to Build a Longhouse
Tipi Making
Make a Traditional Willow Bed
Make your own
Ground Slate
(Ulu) Knife
By Shelley Garrett Smith
Make an Atlatl
Make Atlatl Darts
How to Use an Atlatl
downloadable pdf files
Make a Bow and Arrow
Guest Essay

by Stephen Cook - former president of Native American Cultual Society (native students' organization) at University of Connecticut
list of PDFs with photos from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
National Eagle Repository HOW TO MAKE A WING FAN Feather Hair Tie

This Section Inspired by Thunderheart Methods of Making Bone Tools WORKING WITH HORN AND SKELETAL MATERIALS
downloadable pdf
Make a Cordage Shredder of Bone Make Bone Fishhooks Deer Bone Tools Poster
(shows which bones were used to make which traditional tools )
downloadable pdf

This Section Inspired by Regina Thunderhawk Recycled cd Spindle #2 Make Doghair Yarn
Guest Essay

Offsite Info Making Doghair Yarn

guest essay
Spinning With a Drop Spindle

offsite info
Spinning with a Drop Spindle (and Spinning Cat Hair)

Make Cordage Fingerweaving Instructions Fingerweave a Voyageur Sash

Make a Rainstick

Make a Birch Bark Basket

Making a Willow Spoke Basket

Making Ioway Cattail Mats

Native Americans, Modern

Who Were The
Founders of the
Technological Era?
By Shelley Garrett Smith
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