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How to Make a Cross Knot Friendship Bracelet

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Do you want to give your best friend the perfect gift? Friendship bracelets are a neat way to let your friend know how much you care about your friendship. This awesome gift for your friend is simple and enjoyable to make and only requires some string. Of course, you can use hemp or gimp, but string looks better.This braclet is also called a double chain knot.


  1. Make sure you know how to tie the knots:
    • Knot #1: Make a loop with the first string around the second string. Stick the end of the string thatís making the loop through the loop. Pull both ends of that string tight.
    • Knot #2: Make a loop with all of the strings around your finger. Pull the loop off your finger and put one end of the string through the loop. Pull both ends tight.
  2. Letís pretend that you have pink string and blue string. Cut off three strands from both balls of string that are about 28-30 inches (71 - 76 cm) long each. Use the ruler to measure.
  3. Put all of the strings together. Tie ďKnot #2" about an inch and a half (3.8 cm) from the top.
  4. Take your first color. Pretend that itís pink. Grab all three strings and tie them around the blue strands making ďKnot #1".
  5. Take the blue strings and knot them around the pink strings.
  6. Keep going until you get a good length. It should look like the close-up at right
  7. Make the bracelet as long as you want it to be and tie a ďKnot #2" at the end. Tie the ends together with a double-knot to complete the bracelet. Make sure that you can slip it on and off your wrist.
  8. Give it to your friend! Tell him or her that you made it yourself. Most anyone will love it.


  • It may take you a while to make the first bracelet, but it will get easier.
  • Depending upon the size of your friendís wrist, you might want to cut the strands longer or shorter.
  • Friendship bracelets can be great gifts for people of all ages, male and female. You can use different colors of string for different people and to reflect different meanings. Friendship bracelets can even be made into anklets or necklaces. For a necklace, simply use longer strands!
  • This is definetly a faster bracelet and a good beginners bracelet if you are just starting out.


  • Your strings might become tangled, so always keep them separate from your other strings.

Things You'll Need

  • A ruler
  • A ball of string in one color
  • A ball of string in another color
  • A pair of scissors

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