New Native NationDesign A Twenty-First Century Tipi Challenge

Stuck in someone else's frames? break free!

Yes! It's The Design A Twenty-First Century Tipi Challenge!!

Sandy is the Winner!!! ****SEE ENTRIES BELOW!****

The Dilemma :
We would all like to have one BUT: Buffalo hides are expensive and it takes 9 big ones! And who can afford a canvass replica?
Hhhhhmmm Think Think:
This is the twenty-first century, things are different now.
If it's o.k. to make one out of canvass, why not other materials?
If costs can be brought down more people can have one (even us).
Waste is a shame, so maybe we can re-use or recycle things to make one.

Send us pics and a write-up of your designs, construction steps and finished tipi by October 1, 2008. ( )
The tipi must be made from re-used, recycled, and/or low or no cost materials. It must also be usable (reasonably water and wind proof ) and sleep at least 2 adults.
All entries will be featured on NNN website and prizes will be announced and awarded in October/November. (We dont know what they will be since we haven't made them yet - but they will be cool!)
( Thanks to Sandy, Bear, Hawk and SeaHorse for this one! )

Hawk's Entry
* discarded PVC pipes
* rope
* tarps

(Shown just before her kids demolished it)
Hawk is the winner of a consolation prize, a mini-backpack sewing kit keyring.

Sandy's Entry

* culled chokecherry saplings
* rope
* 5 tarps

(Sleeps 3)
Sandy is the winner of a leatherworker's palm and a leatherworker's thimble.

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