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How to Dig out Your Car After a Snow Storm

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This is how to get you car out after a blizzard or big snow storm.


  1. Find your car. If it is in the garage, just get out your shovel and clear the driveway. If your locks aren't frozen start the car and turn on the heat and defrosters. Your car will warm up while you clear it off. Make sure the exhaust pipe is clear.
  2. Dig around the wheels and sides of the car (especially the driver's door). Use a scraper to clear the windshield, side windows, side mirrors, roof and hood. If you leave snow or ice on the roof or hood you can create a hazardous situation. Snow or ice on your hood can blow up onto your windshield while driving, blocking your view and,might block the view or damage the car behind you. If your vehicle is higher than you can reach with a scraper, use a broom to clear the roof.
  3. Try to unlock door with the key if the car doesn't have a remote it doesn't open, use lock de-icer or clean and try another door if you don't have any de-icer on hand.
  4. If no de-icer on hand, using a lighter or match to heat up your key before attempting to unlock your door may work.
  5. Clear snow away from the tailpipe - exhaust must be able to flow freely from the tailpipe or it may build up in the car's interior.
  6. Start the car. Turn on the heat and rear defroster.
  7. Wait a few minutes and then get in and drive car.


  • Park your car as close to the road as possible so you don't have to shovel the entire driveway to get out. Clean your windows off, then drive into the road to clean the rest off. Why brush snow off your car onto your driveway? Let the snow plow get rid of it.
  • In the winter, have lock de-icer on hand. Don't store the de-icer in your car!
  • Be prepared. If you park on the street with other cars, put a stake or pole out near your car beforehand to find it after the storm.
  • For neat freaks, consider shoveling the entire driveway before you drive away. That way, no snow can get packed into ice on your surface.
  • If you live in a snow-belt area, plan ahead. If your car could be completely buried by snow, a friendly snow plower may not be able to identify it as something to avoid. In such cases, make alternative plans to park your car overnight.


  • Be careful of your shovel getting close to your car frame.
  • If your locks are frozen, do not force them. You may end up needing a locksmith if you do.
  • Never put warm water on your windshield to de-ice. You'll crack the glass.
  • If you need to dig out your car, it is probable that your car has snow on top of it as well. Be careful of this snow. If you can, try to get as much of it off as possible because this snow will likely blow off when driving, especially on a highway, covering your rear windshield or the windshield of the car behind you.
  • Do not idle your car in your garage. The buildup of carbon monoxide could be fatal.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Lock de-icer
  • Windshield scraper

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