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How to Make Dog Yarn

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Chiengora, or dog yarn, is a high-quality fine fiber, which can be up to 80% warmer than wool, and is very soft. Many people have a potential "sheep" right in their house. To collect, simply save the brushings from your dog!


  1. Identify if the fur is appropriate for chiengora. Your dog's fur must be at least two inches long, be clean and umatted. Dog fur from 1-2 inches long must be mixed in with wool. Any fur under 1 inch should be discarded as it will shed far too much.
  2. Save dog fur from brushings. Some areas of the dog may have little under coat and mainly guard hair. These areas probably don't need to be bothered saving. Separate the thicker and tougher guard hairs from the soft cotton-like undercoat. Clippings, if used, should be sorted through the guard hairs and the undercoat. Only save the soft undercoat.
  3. Card your dog fur.
  4. Learn to finger spin. Take some fur in one hand and take a small piece of it with another hand and twist. Keep a firm grip and don't let it untwist. Keep twisting and it will soon turn to yarn. Spin about one and a half yards and keep it for the next step.
  5. Learn to use a drop spindle, which will enable you to make yarn much faster.
  6. Finish and deodorize your dog yarn.
  7. Find things to make with your dog yarn. Mittens, socks, hats, even sweaters if you live somewhere cold enough. Learn to knit.


  • The best tool for collecting undercoat is the shed ender like on TV. You can get one at the pet store.
  • Your neighbors with a large fluffy dog probably won't mind you grooming their dog. You can do it for free and save the fur.
  • You may want to make yarn with your cat's fur, however this will most likely have to be blended with wool.


  • Don't use really short hair clippings or guard hairs or it will make scratchy yarn.
  • There are some businesses that make things out of your raw dog fur for a fee. If you are too busy to make it into yarn and clothing consider this option.
  • Adding wool will strengthen your yarn, and if done carefully will still make the yarn have its angora-like feel.

Things You'll Need

  • Slicker brushes or a hand carder
  • Dog with appropriate fur.
  • Dog brush, preferably shed ender
  • Drop spindle
  • An old pillowcase to store the fur in
  • optional, a neighbor with a dog with suitable fur

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