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Elders Words
advice and life lessons

Boarding School Hell
government and church attempts to eradicate Native American cultures and families

In Memory of Dave Richmond / Clears a Path
Mohawk War Hero
Husband of Trudy Lamb Richmond (traditional powwow dancer, ethnological researcher, museum consultant, respected elder)

---and then they tried to bury him (see video) ---

(Thankyou Mikki Aganstata, Sherman Paul and
Roberta Charpentier)

Native Language Prayers
by Strong Horse,
beloved Narragansett elder
and Little Crow, Nipmuc elder
-wav. files (at

How To Apply for Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance

How To Apply for Medicare Part B Plan

How To Understand Medicare and Medicaid Benefits

In Memory of Wise Owl
Chaubunagungamaug band of the Nipmuk Nation

"To our family, friends and extended native family, we wanted to let you all know of our sorrow.
As my friend Keath would say, " He has started his long journey to the sky country".
Our hearts are saddened by the news today that a very great man has crossed!
Chief Wise Owl, beloved leader of the Chaubunagungamaug people, has joined the spirit world.
We pray he will guide us all on our path of healing the Earth Mother and all her children.
To his Family and friends and to his people we send our deepest sympathy and offer up prayers this night for his journey!..."
- Wunnestu


" seems that in most conversations/blogs/discussions i see on many native american online communities that full blood and/or registered NAI dislike or even hate mix blood NAI's....can someone explain why?..." - Spotted Pony at

"When you're mixed, there is a big hole in your heart where part of your heritage ought to be."

******* and *******

"We are too Indian to be white, too white to be Indian; so we must be invisible 'cause that's all the color left to us." - Sterling Paul "Pat" Garrett : 1918 - 1988

"Just Passin'"
by Shelley Garrett Smith

100 Free Things To Do With Your Grandkids
downloadable pdf

Lesson from an Elder
Grandmother Owl
Special 90th Bday Dance

You Tube Video
From dvilprincess

" The Circle Turns.
All of Stages of Life
are Only Segments of the Circle
Passing by as Life Lives Itself.
The End Becomes the Beginning
as the Circle Turns Again. "

- Nunyageya

(Can you tell I read Gibran? lol)
Kids Display
Their Dance Skills

You Tube Video
From Ippysan

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In answer to the question, "Why so many features about 'Rednecks" or 'Hillbillies' on this site - The Rednecks and Hillbillies were originally political groups from Scotland, many of whom sought refuge in the American frontiers. Their descendants retained the terms through time to identify themselves but created a new American heritage. Their customs, medicines, lifeways, methods of subsistance, foods, folklore and, often, their physical beings are now substantially intertwined with those of Native Americans.


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