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Fun by the Fire
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Jokes Page

Decision Maker NNN Karaoke Page

Noise Toys

Trivia Page

(Aztec Calendar links do Not open separate windows.) (Maya Calendar links do Not open separate windows.)

Gathering of Nations
Internet Radio

Native American
music all the time!

(Thanks Miqmac!)

virtual pet turtles

Wigwam Evenings; Sioux Folk Tales Retold 1909
Author: Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa)
downloadable pdf

Clever Dog
just type commands to make him do tricks

P.S. Neely's Ancient Games Shareware Downloads
Mayan Bul
Anasazi Tasholiiwe
Aztec Patolli
Includes history and fun facts about the cultures these games came from.

Online Flower Garden
hold down mouse button and drag across blank space to make your garden

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