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- - - About 4,000 years ago, North American Indians domesticated four native plants - squash, sunflower, sumpweed, and goosefoot ( lambs quarters). Later, knotweed, maygrass, and "little barley" were also cultivated. Then the "three sisters" crops - pumpkins and corn, followed by beans - were introduced from Mexico to the Southwest and subsequently to the East. - - - from

"One for the worm, one for the crow; one for the damp, and one to grow" - - -(corn planting rhyme)

Acjachemen Planting Song (California Indian)

YouTube video from deborahsmall1
Creating Outdoor Rooms
from growingwisdom
Start Your Garden from Seed
downloadable pdf

How to Build Your Own Recycled Plastic Bottle Greenhouse
downloadable pdf

Eggshell Seed Starters (downloadable pdf)
The New Interactive Zone Maps at USDA (offsite info)

A Rare Commercial Feature
Buy Midewiwan Tobacco Seeds

Buy Sweetgrass Plants for Planting

Buy Sage Plants (Artemisia tridentata) for Your Garden

Free Seeds
Seed Share Program
Thanks, Lilkye!
Month by Month Planting Calendar Composting-aka The Circle of Life
Guest Essay
The Environmental Benefits of Natural Gardening How Wild is Your Garden Quiz and Lessons
Free Trees and Plants
pay only shipping and handling
and provide a job for the disabled
Recycled Tire Gardening
Guest Essay
Weeds - We Need 'Em!

Natural Gardening
Cultivating a Solution to Water Pollution

Mound Gardening Companion Planting
Fun and Frugal Gardening
Guest Essay
Gardening in a Square Foot
Guest Essay
"Swampy Garden" by Shelley Garrett Smith Grow a Veggie Garden in Pots
You Can Make Your Own Fertilizer Protect Your Plants From Animals
Composting With Red Worms

guest essay
How to Find Inexpensive Mulch

Guest Essay
How to Build Your Very Own Compost Bin

Offsite Info
Make a Compost Bin

How to Winter Sow Mulching for Winter
guest essay
How to Use Homemade Garden Sprays Safely
guest essay
How to Make Garlic Garden Spray
guest essay
Make Soapy Water Garden Spray
guest essay
Get Rid of Garden Slugs
The Dog-Scaped Yard
downloadable pdf file
guest essay
How to Make a Homemade Drip Watering Container for Plants
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