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How to Make Things from Chewing Gum Foil

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If you find yourself chewing gum, dont throw out the foil...make marvelous things from it!


The Dart
  1. Flatten out foil.
  2. Place index finger at midpoint of foil at either end.
  3. Roll the foil around your finger creating a cylinder shape.
  4. Twist the remaining foil around the tip of your finger.
  5. Place foil (pointed side out) in mouth and fire.
The Flower
  1. Follow steps 1-4 for dart.
  2. Flip the spiked edges of foil outward.
  3. Smush middle of foil inward to make flower.
The Wine Cup
  1. Follow steps 1-4 for dart.
  2. Flip spiked edges inward to make rim of cup.
  3. Peel bottom of the stem outward and flatten to make a base for the cup. (A good base means the cup stands on its own.
a sticker
  1. this only works with a 5 gum wrapper.
  2. lick the paper on the non colored side then carefully scratch the paper off or
using thumb nail, claw out a small edge. Then fold and peel.
  1. *only sticks to certain things like a notebook.


  • Pratice makes perfect.
  • See what other kinds of things you can create from the foil.


  • Do not shoot dart at eyes.

Things You'll Need

  • Chewing gum foil.

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