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"... I n the Northwest, as in the US as a whole, American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/ANs) have some of the highest rates of disease and poorest health status of any ethnic group..." from

First Talk With Tamara Bull - Green Cleaning Products
From: firsttalk
The NEW Food Pyramid

offsite info Food Pyramid

" Latinos, blacks and Native Americans ... have been more likely to die from swine flu than whites, data show." -- L.A. Times

Guest Essay
Your Mineral Needs
Low Impact Household Cleaners
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Guest Essay
Working And Playing
In Heat
Make Regular Recipes

"...On average, 30 percent of all adult Native Americans are obese. Both males and females are consistently more overweight and obese than the total U.S. population..." from

The Use of Medicinal Herbs
and Herbal Supplements for
Weight Loss
Guest Essay

Natural Weight Loss Food - Corn

Natural Weight Loss Food -
Nuts and Grains

Natural Weight Loss Food -
Dried Beans and Peas

Natural Weight Loss Food - Potatoes

Diet Facts and Fiction Part 1 Guest Essay

Natural Weight Loss Food - Squash

Diet Facts and Fiction Part 2 Guest Essay

Natural Weight Loss Food - Tomatoes

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�Disclaimer - The FDA insists that if they haven�t evaluated a treatment and approved it then it can�t heal you even though, from the looks of it, they haven�t evaluated much except a bunch of expensive stuff drug companies sell. They also make people who provide information on traditional, alternative, natural, home or herbal remedies post a disclaimer saying that such information is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. So here it is, for what it�s worth.�

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