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"... I n the Northwest, as in the US as a whole, American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/ANs) have some of the highest rates of disease and poorest health status of any ethnic group..." from

First Talk With Tamara Bull - Green Cleaning Products
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The NEW Food Pyramid

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Low Impact Household Cleaners
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" Latinos, blacks and Native Americans ... have been more likely to die from swine flu than whites, data show." -- L.A. Times

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Your Mineral Needs
Guest Essay
Working And Playing
In Heat
Color Can Be a Clue
to the Vitamins and
Minerals in Food
Not Just Dairy:
Other Sources Of Calcium
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�Disclaimer - The FDA insists that if they haven�t evaluated a treatment and approved it then it can�t heal you even though, from the looks of it, they haven�t evaluated much except a bunch of expensive stuff drug companies sell. They also make people who provide information on traditional, alternative, natural, home or herbal remedies post a disclaimer saying that such information is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. So here it is, for what it�s worth.�

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