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Tribute to Gladys Tantaquidgeon - Herbologist, Anthropologist, Author, Archivist, MedicineWoman, Mohegan

North American Plant Biomes
with tree i.d. links

Culturally Significant Plants
downloadable pdf

Plants in the Northeast
from Native Tech
Wild Plants
by region, state or province
Herb Gallery


Dave Fischer's
North American
Mushroom Basics

Tending the Wild: Native American Knowledge and the Management of California's Natural Resources
free online ebook

Can You Identify the Flowers Quiz

Field Guide to Wildflowers

Wildflower Identification Quiz

Don't Fear the Forest; five species of rash-inducing plants

Maple Tree I.D.

What Tree Is It?

Clues to Trees

Tree Matching Game

Leaf Identification Quiz

Tree Identification Quiz

Karen Bergeron's Wild Plant Foraging Videos
from Alternative Nature Online Herbal
Harvesting Ginseng Ginseng Close Ups

Virginia Creeper ( A Ginseng look a like plant also often mistaken for Poison Ivy)
Indian Pipe Prunella Vulgaris

Birch tapping
youtube video from: prmaklpboo

(You can tap Birch, Beech, Sycamore, Basswood, Black Walnut, Hickory , Alder, Box Elder, Butternut, Pecan and all the Maple species to make syrups)

Edible Flowers
youtube video shhweb

offsite info
Edible Flowers

Maple Syrup Mike
youtube video from KTagMan

Offsite Info
Making Maple Syrup

A Part Of Our Heritage -
Maple Syrup the Traditional Way
youtube video from johnnie1wb

Offsite Info
Make Your Own Maple Syrup

Yes You Can Eat Dandelion

Guest Essay
How Do I Know What Wild Plants are Safe to Eat?

Guest Essay
7 Native American Herbal Healing Secrets

Wild Weed Salad Recipe
Guest Essay
Wild Edible Plant Nutrition Chart
Black Walnut - Source Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Guest Essay
Wild Edible Recipe: Sauteed Puffball Mushrooms
New Native Nation Guest Essay
Ten Teas From Plants Around You And Their Benefits
guest essay
The Use of Medicinal Herbs and Herbal Supplements for Weight Loss Guest Essay 10 Ways To Prepare Lamb's Quarters Guest Essay

   Guest Essay:
"Amazing Artemisias"
Including Sacred Sage (artemisia tridentata)
Wild Plums Cattail
- the Walmart of the Swamps
What Can Goldenseal Do For Your Health
Guest Essay
How to Make and Use Herb Preparations
Guest Essay

Offsite Info
Simple Directions For Using Herbs

Herbs That Heal
Guest Essay
A Sensually

Guest Essay
Wild Plants You Can Use Ethnobotanical Information
Miscellaneous Uses of Plants How People Use Wild Plants
Bath Herbs Guest Essay"Potpourri Herbs" Guest Essay
How to Make Herbal Oils
Making Perfume
(downloadable PDF lesson plan)
Guest Essay
Herbs for Hair Care
Guest Essay
How to Preserve Herbs
Making Ioway Cattail Mats Acorn Processing and Recipes
Fiber Plants and Natives Uses Harvesting Spruce Roots
Preparing Dogbane (Indian Hemp) for Cordage
Herbs to Dye For
plants Native Americans used for dye

Dyeing with Prickly Pear
in the Native American tradition

Herb and Plant Dye
American Indian Use of Plants and Herbs for Dye

Birch Dye

Natural Dyes

Walnut Dye

Grass Weaving (on a navajo-style loom)
youtube video From: sequoialittletree
Split Whiteoak Basket Making
youtube video From: bbqtv

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