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Guest Essay: "Cloud Formations and What They Mean"

Guest Essay: "Tips On Surviving Blizzards"

Guest Essay: "How to Calculate Wind Speed "

Wind Chill Chart

Weather - City, Zip
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Guest Essay: "A Good Shelter: Debris Shelter Instructions "

Guest Essay: "How to Interpret the Language of Thunder and Lightning"

Guest Essay: "Hunting By Moon Phase: Your Best Season Ever"
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Avoiding Hypothermia
Guest Essay: "Fishing By Moon Phase: Increase Your Catch"
Guest Essay: "Why The Moon Is Your Key To Night Fishing Success "
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The Ones That Didn't Get Away!
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Flies Tied

The Trackers Challenge Page
Test and Improve Your Tracking Skills
Don't Fear the Forest; five species of rash-inducing plants

State by State Fishing Info Guest Essay
Care And Repair
Of Fishing Lures
Guest Essay
Ground Bait
Learn How To Fish in a Stream Pool Guest Essay: "Fly Fishing Reels" Grow Your Own Bait Worm Ranching Instructions
In a panic? Need a last minute gift? Make A Fishing Lure Necklace
for your sweetie!
Reading Boating Bouys
(with links for Boating Laws)
Make Your Own Minnow Trap
Fly Fishing Quiz
Guest Essay "Fishing—Water Temperatures are Important" Guest Essay "Spooling Your Line"
Guest Essay "Fishing with the Right Line" Guest Essay "Fish Bait on the Cheap!" Guest Essay "Fresh Caught Fish Cooking Preparation"
Guest Essay "Introducing Your Kids To Fishing - A Few Tips" Know the Water Temperature - Know Where the Largemouth Bass Are Guest Essay Wading Tips
Guest Essay
Tips For Archery Fishing


Common Fishing Knots
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How To Tie Fishing Knots

Guest Essay
"Top 10 Things To Stock Your Fishing Vest With"

Breaking Ice on Hard Water Fishing


How to Chum Ice Fishing Holes
Guest Essay Fly Rods - The Difference Between Bamboo, Graphite, and Fiberglass Guest Essay
"Baits Used in Freshwater Fishing "
Guest Essay
"Secret Evening Ice Fishing Tips"

Wannabe1's Fishing Tournaments

beginning in March of each year

Redneck Fishing Tournament
youtube video from : chaddyo87
Fishing News


State by State Hunting Info R.J. Benjamin's Trapping Software - Free!
keep track of trap, scent and bait performance,
locations, set and check dates, and catch type.
Deer Biology Quiz
David E. Petzal's Gun Nut Quiz
Bear Quiz
Firearms Blueprints
Place This Treestand Challenge
Muzzleloading Hints
Archery and Bowhunting Facts
How to Skin
Unluckiest Hunter In The World Survival Quiz
How to Zero (Sight In) a Scope
Learn The Secrets Of Bow Hunting - Hit The Target!
Guest Essay
Selecting Good Archery Arrows
Guest Essay
How to Walk Silently
Guest Essay
Maintain a Rifle!
Guest Essay
Maintain a Shotgun
Guest Essay
Shooting Positions for Deer Hunting
From: expertvillage
How to Field Dress a Deer
From: merlinagamel
How & Where to Place a Deer Stand

How Phases of the Moon Affect Deer Hunting
From: expertvillage
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In answer to the question, "Why so many features about 'Rednecks" or 'Hillbillies' on this site - The Rednecks and Hillbillies were originally political groups from Scotland, many of whom sought refuge in the American frontiers. Their descendants retained the terms through time to identify themselves but created a new American heritage. Their customs, medicines, lifeways, methods of subsistance, foods, folklore and, often, their physical beings are now substantially intertwined with those of Native Americans.


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