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Guest Essays and videos are replacing offsite links all across the web site. (Thankyou Lilkye for this suggestion!) Check your favorite topics for new info.

updated week of sept. 6, 2016
Wooohoo! Was finally able to get back in here. Hoping to be able to fix things

updated week of October 01, 2016
The Cookbook was brought up to date

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The Waste Not page was brought up to date

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The Care and Share page and the Elders Speak Up page were brought up to date, and the Fitness page had so many dead links that it was deleted
I keep having password problems. Hopefully the new one will continue to be accepted by the server.

updated August 11, 2017
Began major renovations to reflect members' changing interests. Images fixed on Cindian's poetry page

updated week of September 01, 2016
I am begining to enlarge the font site-wise (thank you Vic. M. for that suggestion!)



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Where are 21st Century Native American and First Nations People?
In the United States one out of every 100 people is recognized by the federal government as Native American. However, experts say those who are federally-recognized make up only about 40% of Native Americans. The actual numbers are closer to one out of every 40 people. In addition, 40 out of every 100 people who self-identify as African Americans, 25 out of every 100 self-identified European Americans, and 45 out of every 100 people self-identified as Hispanic Americans are also of significant Native American descent {defined here as 1/8th or more}.
Where are 21st Century Native American and First Nations People? We are all around you!

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�Disclaimer - The FDA insists that if they haven�t evaluated a treatment and approved it then it can�t heal you even though, from the looks of it, they haven�t evaluated much except a bunch of expensive stuff drug companies sell. They also make people who provide information on traditional, alternative, natural, home or herbal remedies post a disclaimer saying that such information is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. So here it is, for what it�s worth.�
Native Americans and First Nations People are generally not very puritanical and I am just about good and tired of hiding harmless but somewhat risque things from whatever prude might stumble across this web site. Those of you who spend so much energy protecting your children from a natural part of life are lagging in your parental duties. Girls can become fertile at the age of 9, boys can begin puberty as early as 10. They need to be prepared in advance - if you can't stand to, get them a library book. Knowledge is power, ignorance is a disaster waiting to happen. I have had enough of giving in to the tyranny of the sexually stunted and distorted.
--In a related aside: what passes for sexual harrassment nowadays is mostly just poor taste and acting wounded by it is a slap in the face to the many women who, like me, have been through real sexual harrassment. --


Congratulations to the Mashpee Wampanoags on getting federal recognition Feb. 16, 2007! - Thankyou Wunnestu at Kadobi Lodge Crafts, Hebron, CT!
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