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Ten Ways to Prepare Lamb's Quarters or Wild Spinach
By JJ Murphy

If you like the taste of spinach, then lamb's quarters will rock your taste buds.

Also known as goose foot, pigweed, wild spinach and officially, Chenopodium album, this abundantly available plant is nutritious and tasty raw or cooked. Here is a list of ways to prepare it:

1.Raw: Chop young leaves or tips of older plants raw in summer salad or for taco topping.

2. Steamed: Eat lamb's quarters plain or with your favorite dressing.

3. Sautéed: Use olive oil and add onions, garlic or mushrooms.

4. Soup: Pick your favorite hot or cold soup recipe and substitute lamb's quarters for spinach.

5. Quiche: Or even an omelet - this is delicious with eggs and cheese.

6. Lasagna: For those who add spinach to lasagna, lamb's quarters is a real treat.

7. Soufflé: Use lamb's quarters for a memorable dish.

8. Pie: Lamb's quarters makes an excellent spanakopita or Greek spinach pie.

9. Bread: Got a favorite spinach bread recipe? Try it with lamb's quarters.

10. Frozen: Plunge leaves into boiling water, one minute after water reboils, remove, cool and freeze for later use.

Like many cultivated vegetables, when lamb's quarters is in season, there is more to harvest than most of us can eat. Be sure freeze some for a wonderful reminder of one of summer's best flavors during the cold winter months.

Writer and naturalist JJ Murphy has been eating wild foods since her farmer parents pulled weeds from the veggie garden and she ate the weeds. JJ continues to forage and write in Harriman, NY, posting recipes and resource information at

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