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"...during the latter part of the 20th century. ... African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asian/Pacific Islanders....continued to experience striking health disparities, including shorter life expectancy and higher rates of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke, substance abuse, and infant mortality and low birth weight.... " --- from NCMHD Health Disparities - Closing The Gap Fact Sheet

100 Life Saving Health Food Tips
youtube video from : favorites100com

Who Is
Your site for current and local sickness information - is the flu in your town today?

How to Find Out if You're Eligible

Health and
Fitness Page

Hill-Burton Free or Reduced-cost Medical Care

Insure Kids Now
Your children may be eligible for free or low-cost health insurance!
EyeCare America
access to low-cost and no-cost eyecare

Medical Care,
even if you have no medical insurance or money

Pharmaceutical Companies Helping Patients Get Their Medicines
patient assistance programs for those who can't afford their medicines

How To Apply for Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance How To Apply for Medicare Part B Plan

How to Make a Rice Sock
guest essay

Make Homemade Cough Drops
guest essay

Cranberries ; Simple Protection from Cancer, Heart Disease, And Other Illnesses
guest essay

Diabetic Symptoms - What Are Its Signs, Diagnosis And How Can You Prevent It?
guest essay
New Insights Into Healthful Compounds In Native American Diets
scientists begin looking at the benefits of acorns
Heart Attack Signs and Symptoms
guest essay
Black Walnut - Source Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids
guest essay
What Can Goldenseal Do For Your Health
guest essay
Benefits of Eating Fish Guest Essay Don't Fear the Forest; five species of rash-inducing plants Natural Remedies Your Grandmother Swore By Guest Essay
Breastfeeding Primer "A Constipation Home Remedy - Cayenne" Guest Essay
Echinacea Could Cut Chance Of Catching Cold By More Than Half
Long-Term Coffee Consumption Significantly Reduces Type 2 Diabetes Risk
Guest Essay
Ginseng Remedies For Common Cold Prevention and Treatment
Guest Essay
Delicious Disease-fighting Herbs
Apples Will Keep You Happy
Guest Essay
"Herbs That Heal" Guest Essay
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In answer to the question, "Why so many features about 'Rednecks" or 'Hillbillies' on this site - The Rednecks and Hillbillies were originally political groups from Scotland, many of whom sought refuge in the American frontiers. Their descendants retained the terms through time to identify themselves but created a new American heritage. Their customs, medicines, lifeways, methods of subsistance, foods, folklore and, often, their physical beings are now substantially intertwined with those of Native Americans.

�Disclaimer - The FDA insists that if they haven�t evaluated a treatment and approved it then it can�t heal you even though, from the looks of it, they haven�t evaluated much except a bunch of expensive stuff drug companies sell. They also make people who provide information on traditional, alternative, natural, home or herbal remedies post a disclaimer saying that such information is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. So here it is, for what it�s worth.�


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