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How to Interpret Military Time

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Ever been stumped when you see a clock read something like 1424? It is most likely because that clock is displaying military time. Military time is actually more efficient than normal time because there is no AM and PM.


  1. If you are used to AM-PM style timing, think of the AM hours being the same as the first 12 hours in the 24-hour cycle of military time.
  2. If there is a time that reads a number over 12 for the hour, know that it is now PM. If a military-timed clock reads over 12 in the hours, subtract 12 from the hours and that will get you the time in PM.
    • 1300 = 1:00PM
    • 1400 = 2:00PM
    • 1500 = 3:00PM
    • 1600 = 4:00PM
    • 1700 = 5:00PM
    • 1800 = 6:00PM
    • 1900 = 7:00PM
    • 2000 = 8:00PM
    • 2100 = 9:00PM
    • 2200 = 10:00PM
    • 2300 = 11:00PM
    • 0000 = 12:00AM
  3. Similarly, you can remember military time by adding 12 to any PM time. For example, 5PM would be 5 + 12, or 1700.


  • Practice makes perfect! If you have a digital watch, there may be a setting that allows you to switch the time display form the 12 hour cycle to the 24 hour cycle.
  • Also, another easy-to-use method is to subtract 2 from the second digit and sometimes 1 from the first digit. Ex: 17:00-2=5:00 22:00-2=10:00
  • In military time, there are no colons. "1635" would be pronounced "sixteen thirty-five"
  • Also, midnight can be 2400 instead of 0000

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