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Poetry by Nim

from her Anthology of Poetry By: J. Porter Selman [Chocktaw]


Silver Pointed Dream  
by Nim

I've tasted the honey and the lye     
As he spread colored wings across my eyes.    
I've waited in towers    
And wandered the hours,   
Clutching my bottle of Time.   

I chased him through fogs and my dreams,   
And walked with him down dirty city streets.   
In every pane of window glass,
I saw my future turn to the past.

He took me to his warmth, you know,
Only to leave me in the snow.
Often my mind was blank and shaken.
I always felt the pain of need,
And watched my heart slowly bleed.

I shivered and glowed for him,
Bought and slyly stole for him,
Hung on empty words for him,
For him, for him, for him.     


The Wanderer  
by Nim

You may have found me God-like,     
You may have found me bad,    
You may have found me tired,    
You may have found me sad.   

But of all these many faces   
You'll find they're all the same,   
All are born of wandering,
'Cause the Wanderer is my name.   

I've been to many places,     
Seen all kinds of sights,
Spent my time with lots of people,     
But they've all been lonely nights.

I wander day after day,    
Night after night I roam,
Always searching for a way,    
Looking for my home.

I'm on the road forever,
I'll travel this whole earth,
Til I find my homeland,
The country of my birth.


by Nim

I sit and look inside of me, mirrored in smoke, me I see.
Notes dancing with laughing curls, behind the clefts and singing swirls.
With eyes of misty smoke, I stand at fortuneís slopes.
Mirrored in myself, I watch the fading scopes.
Through dark caverns I have searched, dancing from star to star I flew to reach.
And there......among the notes, I see me standing in the swirling motes.



Eulogy to a Grandmother  
by Nim

Wayside martyr, illusions in the trees,
All walks of life culminate to these.
Kindly old lady, her youth all spent,
Alpha and Omega in her came and went.
Flaming youth spent in work,
Middle years have paid their worth,
Worried days, thankless nights,
Left alone with a child in fright.
Hard she tried, did what she could,
Finally turned out like she knew it would.
What can I say to this Lady of gray
Who sits and rocks waiting her final day?
Death has knocked upon her door.
Now she can rest with God once more.
I loved her, she loved me;
Now she's free, free to be.


Golden Eagle  
by Nim

Golden Eagle spreads his wings;
From the earth in graceful flight he flings;
Whispering winds raise him high
Above the dark and thundering sky.
Ancient voices stir in my head;
My heart quickens to the chant;
Thunder roars, my body shakes;
Where my spirit goes, my body can't.
Spirit Lover comes to me,
Shrouded in blue, colors three;
We sail, we fly, we love as one;
Spirits joined, bright as suns.



The Garden of Guess  
by Nim

I sit in the Garden of Guess and think of you.
I sit and wonder, is your life good too.
I sit and miss your smile.
sit remembering the glint in your eye.
Little Child of Wonder, grown so high,
A woman in your own right, how I envy you.
You wake to sweet smelling grass,
And walk among the pines,
Little child of Wonder now all grown.
How I miss my home, tree frogs sing to the night,
The crickets delight, in the Garden of Guess,
Life is uncertain, a crooked path through the dark.
Sweet Child of Mine, Child of Time,
I watched you grow into the Woman I know.
Sweet Child of Mine.



Blacktop Hiway  
by Nim

See the man on the blacktop hiway     
Ramblin through a no man's land,    
Travelin' just as fast as he can,    
Alone, on that road of stone.  
He don't care where the 4 winds blow   
Long as he gets his ride;
He don't care for food or drink,
Just lets his conscience be his guide.
Left his girl and ole ma cryin';
Said he'd write, but they knew he was lyin';
Got no razor, got no blade,
Thin and ragged, he stares down that grade.
Now here he stands waitin' for a ride;
Got no money just a bottle of wine;
Sun's goin' down now, it's end of day,
And here he stands on the blacktop hiway.



The Fall  
by Nim

Midsummers nights eve,
On the first day at dawn,
I look around me,
Everything is gone.

Broken stone fingers
Reach for the sky,
I'm all alone,
With my wandering eye.

The dark of earth,
The dark of sky,
The afterglow
fools the eye.

Where did everything go?

Dark is so dark
You can feel it press down,
And everywhere I look,
There's a glow all around.

People are hiding in caves,
Under rocks,
And continue to survive
On nutrient blocks.

The aftermath,
Of yesteryear,
Has finally gone,
Leaving this here.

But man will never learn,
Where he has gone wrong,
He'll do it again,
Before too long.


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