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Poetry by ScarlettO'Sara

      Longing for T
      By ScarletteO'Sara (SeaHorse)
      Who dares disturb my slumber,
      me thinks I smell a mortal man.
      Which direction do you cometh from?
      I can see you wear the color of blue
      on your helmet so you come from the north?
      and bring defeat and trouble and mostly unsatisfied desire.
      Do you not see the color of blood red in my scales
      which signifies success in love and ball play?
      This will not be an easy victory for you, my warrior,
      but perhaps in the end.
      Say do you have any of that mineral water
      I have been hearing about
      for my throat is awfully dry:P
      What kind of horse is that you ride, BraveHeart?
      Do you ride it with honor?
      Did you bring my anything to eat
      for dragons have voracious appetites?
      Are you a worthy opponent,
      a Brave Spirit when faced with adversity?
      Then let the battle begin, my Warrior Prince
      (I am hoping this will be the last).
      How do you presume
      to set about conquering a dragon?
      Dragons are older than the hills and are wise
      to all tricks of mortal man;
      their lies, their deceptions, yea even their appeal.
      Even I have yearned in time for one.
      What is it you seek from me?
      It is your intention to kill me slowly with your words?
      If so I demand that you go ahead and slay me now
      with your mighty sword,
      for it is cruel and heartless to play with me.
Do you seek to find out all my secrets?
But is it not because of these mysteries
that you are drawn to me.
Even dragons love games and are masters at them,
but I grow weary with this one.
Perhaps you should turn around and leave this dragon
to her fantasies.
For dragons only search out celestial beings
and do not consort with mere mortal men.
Why is it you stand do still, Princely one?
Did I not give you fair warning?
Do I perhaps detect something in your heart for me?
Perhaps you are drawn to my eyes of green
that deepened in moments of passion.
Dragons are wise in their ways
and know that love cannot lie
and dragons do not suffer fools gladly.
Love is an irresistible desire
to be irresistibly desired.
Have you been taught this lesson, My Prince?
You must either conquer and rule, or serve and lose,
suffer or triumph, be the anvil or the hammer.
So was he overcome, not overcome,
but yeelded of his owne accord.
Yes? Then I demand satisfaction
for I have fought long and hard.
Come into my lair, O Worthy One
and we will partake of riches
known only to a chosen few and perhaps...
I will let you ride upon my back.
Who is seduced and who is seducer?













- Some of these words are not mine. But
they were written for me. Thank you to the following:
Robert Frost, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and
anybody else I forgotten to mention.
Thank you for your beautiful words.

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