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Boarding School Hell

"It's cheaper to educate Indians than to kill them." - - Indian Commissioner Thomas Morgan speaking at the establishment of the Phoenix Indian School in 1891

"Kill the Indian, save the man." - - Carlisle Indian Industrial School motto

“The reservation boarding school system was a war in disguise.” Sonja Keohane.

( <--- BezhiigMaiingan's dad and uncle leaving for The Indian Academy in Mount Pleasant, MI...1914)

Grandma's Greatest Fear
by Shelley Garrett Smith

My Grandma lived in terror that marked the lives of her children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. She feared the U.S. government would steal her
children and send them to Indian boarding school. I never learned which school she herself had been sent to, during her childhood in the late 1800's and early
1900's, but her experience shattered a part of her heart and mind. Because of this trauma the family kept on the move; living in tents and abandoned railroad
cars, sneaking on and off reservation. They tried their best to stay off government lists of any kind, or, when this was not possible, to give misleading
information (on one list my father's cousin is listed as his sister, on another list my grandmother is named Lizzy altho Elizabeth was only her middle name). Being
Indian became a secret in my generation; the message was to be proud of it but to hide it if we could pass for white and maybe this would protect us. Our
children don't always know much about Grandma but they know about her fear.

I had thought that those awful schools-cum-concentration camps were a thing of the past by the time I came along in the 1950's, but the accounts of people in these videos show that people were still being subjected to these attrocities when I was a grownup. These videos explain my Grandma's life-twisting terror so well that I had to cry for her pain as I watched them.

25% of all children sent to these schools died of neglect, disease, and abuse while they were there.

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