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How to Sleep Comfortably on a Cold Night

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If you don't have a heater and it's a typical winter (or any season, for that matter, depending where you live) night, you shiver to no avail.


  1. Bundle up with a bunch of blankets. Go for layers, not thick blankets because if you get hot, you can take off a layer and still be warm but not hot, whereas if you have one layer, then taking the whole thing off will get you cold. Put your arms under the covers. Consider an electric blanket.
  2. Take a hot shower or sit in the bathroom and fill it up with steam from the shower. Taking a shower relaxes you and raises your body temperature, and won't make you seem colder once you get out. A steam bath will relax you. Be sure to dry off your hair and body well, as it's not fun to be cold and wet, unless you are using really hot water. (which you shouldn't because you can get go to bed right after that nice hot shower to conserve and put that heat to work for you.burned)
  3. Go to bed right after that nice hot shower to conserve and put that heat to work for you.
  4. Put your clothes in the dryer before putting them back on. If your drier has a temperature adjustment, set it to medium or high. Low is also fine, but it won't be hot, and you might get cold in the middle of the night.
  5. Put something warm under your covers, such as a hand warmer that is meant for the snow.
  6. Open a window (but only if it is hot outside!!!). If there is no breeze then outside is warmer than inside.
  7. Eat or drink something warm before you go to bed, such as soup or warm milk.
  8. Sleep in a Scandinavian style box bed, or put your bed in a closet. These look like old fashioned train berths. They hold body heat in.
  9. Sleep on sheep pelts or a wool mattress pad.
  10. Start out curled up in a ball. It is conserves heat more than lying out flat, but the spine should be properly aligned during sleep.
  11. Use a Space Blanket, it may look cold but it works effectively when used with other blankets.
  12. Sleep upstairs warm air rises.


  • Use a hot water bottle; wrap it in a towel unless it comes with an appointed cover and place it a few inches away from your body in bed (direct contact to skin may result in burns, so the towel and the few inches of distance are important).
  • You may want to try wearing socks with warm pajamas to prevent body heat escaping. Some people sleep with hats because heat escapes from both your feet and head.
  • You can also sleep earlier. The temperature won't be as cold at 9:00 as it is around 11:00.
  • Sleep with someone else. Human or pets. Combined body heat conserves more than just one alone. (There's a reason they were called 3 dog nights!)


  • NEVER go to sleep with an electric blanket left on. You should always unplug it and turn it off, Even if the manufacturer says it is OK to sleep with it on a lower setting.

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