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How to Make a Simple Solar Water Heater

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The 'simplest' solar water heater ever, especially suited to those with little space or money.


  1. Buy some lemonade or soda in a 2-3 Litre plastic bottle and empty it.
  2. Fill the empty bottle with water.
  3. Find an old black sweater or some black fabric. Cut the arms off the sweater and insert the bottles into them, or just cover up to the neck. Secure fabric top and bottom with some elastic bands.
  4. Put the finished bottles in a sunny spot, perhaps behind glass on a window sill and after a few hours of sun you have enough warm water to do the washing with or whatever, with no electricity being used.
  5. Place the unit near a radiator (not near any bare flame) in the wintertime and you can still get warm water.
  6. For a more complex version try this:
  7. Make some units as above.
  8. Construct a box slightly larger than a couple of bottles, glue a mirror or some shiny foil to the base.
  9. Lay the bottles inside and cover with some glass, cling-film, or clear plastic. Be sure to make the top removable so you can get the hot water out.
  10. Paint the inside and the outside of the box black.
  11. Place it in a sunny spot.


  • Keep it simple and you can't go wrong. Both kinds can be made for just the cost of the lemonade and paint. Try to re-use objects as much as possible and you can be cost-efficient as well as saving energy.

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