New Native Nation Spider Bag/Pouch

Stuck in someone else's frames? break free!


By Shelley Garrett Smith

(Spider Pouch owned by CryingWolf)

Materials needed:
* 2 u-shaped leather pieces (the size of the desired pouch plus 1/4 inch around the curve and sides and
½ inch at the top)
*several medium-length narrow leather strips or thongs for lacing and fringe
*one good long leather thong for a drawstring

Before constructing the pouch, attach any decoration to the outside of the u-shaped pieces at least ½ inch from the curves and sides and 1 inch or more from the top.
Step one:
*Place u-shaped leather pieces one on top of the other, insides facing each other, and line up edges
*Approximately ¼ inch from the curved edges and sides of the u-shaped pieces, make evenly-spaced
matching holes through both pieces.
*At about ½ inch from the straight edge along the top of the u-shaped pieces, starting and ending
about ¼ inch from the sides, make an even number of evenly-spaced matching holes through both

Step two:
*Pull medium-length leather pieces about half their lengths through each pair of matching holes along
the curved edges and sides.
*Tie each medium-length leather strip together in a knot at the edges of the u-shaped pieces, so that
the ends of the strip hang in a fringe.

Step three:
*Beginning at the middle of the front, lace the long leather thong in and out through the holes along
the top. You should end up with the ends of the leather thong on the outside of the piece at the middle
of the back.

*Pull both ends of this drawstring to gather the top of the pouch, and your Spider Pouch is

The Cherokee Grandmother Spider Story, “Getting Fire”
at Remember the Cherokee/Tsalagi
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