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Name Date of Donation Specified/Unspecified

March 1, 2007 upgrade

March 3, 2007 upgrade
donated free upgraded no-ad
site space on his private server

May 3, 2007 1gb ram

June 10, 2007 expansion
donated free extra space
on his private server

November 24, 2008 digital camera
for more pics on the web site

Special Needs:
(if making donations specifically for a special need, please send a separate email saying so)

*$96 per year to upgrade site to full service and remove ads
($76 still needed, Mar. 2, 2007
- woohoo! full upgrade donated, Mar.3, 2007 and domain name bought)
* $65 to buy back-up battery pack for Spudmama's mobility scooter
(so she can go camping and to powwows again and write more articles about it)
*$110 for 1Gb ram
(currently crawling the web and sleepwalking through programs with 192Mb)

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