New Native Nation Trackers Challenge

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The Trackers Challenge!

Test and Improve Your Tracking Skills
With These Quizes and Tips

How to Track Deer
From: expertvillage
Field and Stream Tracking I.Q. Quiz eek! Tracks Quiz Animal Track Identification Quiz

Animals Don't Cover Their Tracks animal track guide (downloadable pdf)

Guess-the-Tracks Quiz
Thanks to Rick JRTCA Webmaster for the updated link
Woodsmanship Tracking Quiz

Practical Bowhunter Bloodtrailing

Best Tips to Make Plaster Molds for Tracks Guest Essay

U.S. Search and Rescue Task Force Lesson
signs, scat, trails, and tracks
with charts, illustrations and specific animal links

Sign Tracking

How to Indentify Animal Scat
From: expertvillage

offsite info:
Animal Scat Quiz

Kim A. Cabrera's Scat Trailing
with photos

Common Animal Tracks (in snow)
youtube video from DaveWhiteESF

offsite info
Tracking in the Snow

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