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Viking's Poetry


Rise up the Red Man 

by Viking

Where are the old and the lands forsaken?    

How do we heal the wounded lands taken?   

All of the truths forgotten must waken,    

Rise up the red man that has been shaken,   

We must all gather for justice retaken.  



Earth Song 

by Viking

Hear aloud sorrow song,    

Look abroad;

the sea of woe does not belong.   

Hear her pain, fix the wrong.    

Redmanís tears will soon be gone.  

Beat the drums, bang the gong,  

Wake the elders and sing her song.  



Loveís Answer  

by Viking

She is my life yet out of reach.    

My heart is hers but for the wall we both know.

Together yet apart; yes it hurts.   

Where is the answer?    

Where is the thing to knock down the wall?  

When can I hold my love in my arms?  

When do I get to see the shine of love in her eyes everyday?  

Why is the cost of truelove hardship and heartache?  

I want to see my trueloveís eyes smile.  

I want her sweet kisses.  

I want to caress and be caressed.  

I want my love.  



One Heart Broken  

by Viking

One heart broken, twice to mend,    
three times shattered, will it end?
Forbidden happiness, life is long;    
lonely is this soul thatís wronged .    

Elusive love beyond all reach,   
hidden promise, but faith they preach.   
Sorrow filled this soul of mine,   
where is the loving heart sublime?  


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