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"Waste not, want not."       "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."
"I was always told a good Indian woman doesn't waste anything." - Win Nibawiwin Ogidaki
Saving Money on Car Insurance How To Find And Use Ebay And Paypal Coupons - Guest Essay
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3 Tricks To Eat Healthy Even When The Money Is Tight
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Recycled Plastic Messenger Bag or Purse - More DIY How To Projects


Recycling Last Year's School Supplies

Recycling Ideas For Different Materials
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Make a Shirt Pillow

Plastic Bag Crochet
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offsite info : Crochet Plastic Bag Sandals

Java Recycling:
7 Ways to Use Old Coffee and Coffee Grounds
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How to Make Jean Slippers (Using Fabric Scraps) - Guest Essay

Recycled Recipe Holder
from JoleneSugarbaker

(I think she is my neighbor 4 trailers down - Spudmama)
Make a Sympathy Doll (Using Fabric Scraps)
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Make a Draft Dodger
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How to Sleep Comfortably on a Hot Night - Guest Essay


Stay Warm at Home Without a Heater
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Cool Yourself Without Air Conditioning

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Cool Yourself Down on a Hot Day (and Save Money)

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Use Window Fans for Home Cooling


How to Sleep Comfortably on a Cold Night Guest Essay Current Gas Price List by the State
Gasoline Prices

Low-Cost, No-Cost Toys and Games
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In answer to the question, "Why so many features about 'Rednecks" or 'Hillbillies' on this site - The Rednecks and Hillbillies were originally political groups from Scotland, many of whom sought refuge in the American frontiers. Their descendants retained the terms through time to identify themselves but created a new American heritage. Their customs, medicines, lifeways, methods of subsistance, foods, folklore and, often, their physical beings are now substantially intertwined with those of Native Americans.


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