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Poetry by Weary

God's Promise
by Weary

The splendor of a glorious dawn, the beauty of the night,
the blue haze of the mountains, the eagle's wings in flight,
the awsome sight of lightning, the thunder's crashing sound;
all these things should remind us that god is still around.

The one who made the universe, and all its wonders gave
still waits with his dear son above,our souls on earth to save.
The powers used for all these things are just as strong today,
if we let him mold our lives he will lead us in the way.

The miracle of his loves still shines after every rain,
his promise glowing in the sky to show his love remains.

by Weary

Memories like diamonds
strung on a chain of tears,
shattered dreams like stardust
sprinkled thru the years,
sweet music from a sad song
weaves thru my sad regrets,
a broken heart's soft melody,
how lonely can one get?
And yet i would not trade one dream
of all that might have been
nor will i take a chance on love
to break my heart again.


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